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Perl 6 nu släppt

Sidan uppdaterades

Nu har Perl version 6 officiellt släppts. Det meddelas via adventskalendern som uppdaterats löpande, namnet är:

  • Rakudo Perl 6 #94 “коледа”

Fokus ligger på följande punkter:

  • Retains the core values of Perl: expressiveness, getting the job done, taking influences from natural language, and pushing the boundaries of language design
  • Has clean, modern syntax, rooted in familiar constructs but revisiting and revising the things that needed it
  • Is truly multi-paradigm, enabling elegant object-oriented, functional, procedural, and concurrent programming
  • Serves as a great glue language, allowing for easy calling of C/C++ (using NativeCall) and staying compatible with Perl 5 (via Inline::Perl5).
  • Provides composable constructs for working with asynchronous data and parallel computations
  • Dramatically reforms and sets a new standard in regex syntax, which scales up to full grammars – powerful enough to parse Perl 6 itself
  • Has outstanding Unicode support, with strings working at grapheme level
  • Values lexical scoping and encapsulation, enabling easy refactoring
  • Is extensible through meta-object programming, user-defined operators, and traits

Hur du laddar hem Perl 6 kan du läsa här:

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